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One for all: 1 Battery – 7 Machines

Rammers, vibratory plates and internal vibrators are usually not used at the same time on the construction site, but in succession. The modular system from Wacker Neuson makes it possible to use the same rechargable battery for all these devices. This not only saves costs but also storage space. Changing the battery works without tools in no time.

Battery power for a whole working day

One battery charge provides full power for all the work a device has to do on an average workday. For higher energy requirements, the battery can be charged with the quick charger, e.g. in the lunch break, be quickly reloaded, or you can simply exchange the battery for a pre-charged second one.

To protect the batteries, we have developed a genuine system-box, which is like a real safe: in no time at all two batteries and a charger can be safely and conveniently transported. Due to the GGV certification, the batteries are not considered dangerous goods.