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HSH380 Application

Thawing of frozen grounds fast and efficient.

    Saving Potentials
Compared to the conventional housing over 400 m² (4,300 ft²) of sandy ground with a frost depth of 50 cm (20 in) and the usage of four Air Heaters
You Save: 8.5 days of thawing, 1 day of setup time and 4,900 L (1,082 US Gal) of Diesel.

Your challenge

Sudden freezing weather conditions stop your project in progress instantly. The frozen ground makes it impossible to continue working large areas. Improving weather condition are very unlikely. Since you can not expect higher temperatures in the foreseeable future, the scheduled completion of the project is in danger.

Our Solutions

Surface Heater e.g. HSH380
Surface Heaters are the most efficient way to keep your project on schedule, without blowing the budget. The heater is quickly transported and positioned on your construction site. You start with placing the heating hose across the surface that needs to be defrosted.

Placing the heating hose in loops
The heating hose brings the warm fluid directly to the frozen ground and back to the heater. The loops should be arranged with a distance of 15 - 60 cm (6 - 24 in) - depending how deep the ground is frozen or how fast the thawing should occur.

Water vapor barrier film and insulating mats
In order to get the most heat into the frozen ground with the least loss possible, you first spread a water vapor barrier film and then the insulation mats over the heating hose. Then turn on the heater. Depending on the outside temperature and frost depth the ground should be thawed after one to two days. You can continue working - and use the heater for defrosting other areas. The large diesel tanks of our heaters allow independent operation of several days without refueling.

Good to know about grounds and soils
Since only the water in the soil, and not the earth itself freezes, next to the outdoor temperature and frost depth, the soil's composition needs to be considered. One cubic meters of gravel, for example are only 77 to 106 kilograms of water bound - a heat output of 10 kW is sufficient for thawing. In fine-grained silt there are however up to 785 kilograms of water per cubic meter - to melt that you need the full heating power of 73 kilowatts!

Mobile and strong - our Compact Excavators
Compact Excavators from Wacker Neuson are versatile and extremely reliable. In our wide range models you will find the ideal machine for every need. Combined with our wide range of various attachment tools and options they provide great flexibility.

Curing concrete - building faster

Saving Potentials
Compared to the conventional housing over 1,228 m² (13,800 ft²) of concrete surface and an average temperature of 0 to -5 °C (32 - 23 °F) and the usage of four Air Heaters (accessories required)
You Save: 1 day of setup time and 3,000 L (660 US Gal) of Diesel.

Your challenge

Bridge construction under winter conditions. Temperatures around the freezing point provide more than difficult conditions for successful concrete curing. A temperature drop below 5 to 10 °C (40 - 50 °F) makes concrete curing almost impossible. Now you need a process accelerator to keep the concrete at a constant temperature.

Our Solutions

Surface Heater HSH700
The HSH700 provides ideal conditions for performing the chemical processes the fresh concrete requires for curing. With its large diesel tank the surface heater is up to 70 hours of operation at your service.

Warm up the reinforcement and add the concrete
After bringing the reinforcement to the right temperature by using the surface heater, the concrete can be easily added. Just place the heating hose in loops over the area.

Water vapor barrier film
Curing the concrete with the aid of the HSH700 is very efficient even without the use of housing. First you spread the water vapor barrier film over the concrete surface.

Heating hose and insulation mats
Again you place the heating hose in loops over the barrier film and cover it with the insulation mats. This keeps the entire area constantly warm - after a few days you get the concrete floor cured of up to 75%.

Support the development of wind turbines.

Saving Potentials
Compared to the usage of four conventional Air Heaters
You Save: up to 70% heating costs

Your challenge

The construction of a wind farm takes much longer than planned due to numerous delays. Now we need to make the best of the situation to remain on schedule and finish the wind farm project.

Our Solutions

Drying foundations with the Surface Heater HSH700
The HSH700 prepares the concrete foundation of the wind turbine for its further processing. By heating up the concrete to cure in a short time further construction can continue. Compared to the decentralized use of four air heaters you save up to 70 percent of heating costs!

Water vapor barrier film, heating hose and insulation mats
By placing the water vapor barrier film, the heating hose and the insulation mats evenly on the fresh concrete surface, you provide optimal curing conditions for the concrete. After a few days you will receive a stable foundation for your wind turbine.

Drying the fresh paint of the tower with the HP252
Dry the fresh paint after installation and painting of the tower in no time with the HP252. Therefore you place the heater on the ground and the heat exchanger in a cage attached to the tower, to dry the paint. So you can complete the wind turbine very quickly.

Safe heat in oil and gas production.

Smart combination of various heating devices
De-icing pipes and lines, thawing ground, indoor heating - our wide range of models provides the right heating solution for every need. 

Your challenge

The exploration and mining of oil and gas reserves in the cold winter months are possible only with appropriate heating. The requirements for the entire technical equipment are extreme - from dealing with low temperatures to high winds and snowfall. There are also rigorous safety regulations. Now you need to create ideal conditions in each work area with the use of the right heater.

Our Solutions

Hydronic Heater to prevent pipes and lines from freezing
Using hydronic heaters keeps ice and frost away from your pipes and lines by wrapping the heating hose around them. This avoids liquids and chemicals to freeze and block the pipes.

Protecting pumps and valves
Also the pumps, the protection valve and the area around the borehole are protected from freezing by using hydronic heaters: place the heating hose around the equipment to achieve the optimum temperature to keep it free of frost and ice.

Space heaters for operational drilling units.
With space heaters such as the HI260 you create a pleasantand safe working environment around your drilling units. The heater can bepositioned away from the drilling rig and ducted to where the warm air isneeded, providing a safe, warm working space for personnel and equipment. By providingheat to the drill rig, optimum lubricity of the rig’s oil is maintained,extending the life of your drill rig.

Perfect lighting - The Light Tower
The Wacker Neuson Light Tower provides the perfect illumination of your working site. The mobile, powerful light supply achieves a daylight-like illumination, thanks to its own generator it operates fully independent, and provides up to 73 hours of light due to the large fuel tank.

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