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ET20 - Stability meets especially developed lifting arm

Wacker Neuson ET20
Wacker Neuson ET20
Wacker Neuson ET20
Wacker Neuson ET20
ET18, ET20 and ET24 are the new generation of compact excavators
Wacker Neuson ET20
Wacker Neuson ET20
Wacker Neuson ET20
Wacker Neuson ET20
Wacker Neuson ET20
Wacker Neuson ET20
ET18, ET20 and ET24 are the new generation of compact excavators
Wacker Neuson ET20
Wacker Neuson ET20
The ET20 compact excavator not only proves its capabilities with its powerful drive, but also offers a wide range of innovative features and options. The ET20 achieves ideal digging results and high stability by means of its specially developed longer chassis and the lifting arm designed precisely for it.
  • Increased forces of up to 30% and an optimized cooling concept are setting standards in operation
  • Spacious, flexible and comfortable cabin with all-round visibility
  • Optimally configurable for individual requirements by numerous options
  • The innovative Vertical Digging System (VDS) compensates up to 27% inclination and thus provides an upright sitting position when working on slopes.

Efficient digging with a high-performance drive

  • The ET20 is equipped with a specially developed chassis and lifting arm system adapted to the 2-t class. The operator gains great stability, optimized digging values and works more productively.
  • Strong tractive forces of the lifting arm save additional time and costs, even in case of complex excavation works.
  • The very powerful drive provides - especially in its class - for faster work cycles.
  • Thanks to the intelligent engine-cooling concept, the operator can work more independently of ambient temperatures.

Hands-free steering

  • With the hydraulically pre-controlled accelerator pedals, it is possible to control the excavator precisely using the feet. The hands remain free to operate the lifting arm at the same time.

Comfort cabin with panoramic view

  • The generously designed comfort cabin with plenty of head and legroom and an individually adjustable driver's seat ensure easy and fatigue-free working.
  • Thanks to the generous entrance width and height of the driver's door, the operator can get in and out flexibly - regardless of his body size.
  • Colour-coded toggle switches in the cabin provide a quick overview of all functions.
  • The roof window enhances the all-round view of the cabin with a view upwards, thus increasing safety on the construction site. The operator has a clear view in every direction and can react faster in case of danger.

Two-part windscreen with various functions

The front screen of the ET20 can be individually adapted to any situation. Any position between fully open and closed is possible:

  • Closed: protection in bad weather conditions.
  • Open: ventilated cabin and easy communication with surrounding colleagues
  • The lower windscreen can be slid under the cabin roof together with the upper windscreen. This protects both panes and prevents their loss.

Individual configuration

The ET20 can be equipped with a variety of ex-factory options that can be adapted to the individual requirements of the customer.

  • up to 4 additional control circuits
  • automatic speed control
  • two door cabin
  • overload warning device
  • proportional control of auxiliary hydraulics with flow rate regulation

Efficient operation - even on the slope

The continuously variable VDS (Vertical Digging System) upper carriage tilting system compensates for inclines of up to 27 % and makes vertical digging on slopes possible. This not only saves time and excavation, but the operator also works in a more ergonomic position.

Easy transport from site to site

  • Due its compact dimensions and low weight, the ET20 is easily transported on a car trailer.
  • Two lifting eyes on the cabin roof for easy lifting and loading of the excavator.

Telescopic undercarriage - ideal combination of stability and compact dimensions

  • The optional telescoping undercarriage width from 990 to 1300 mm with folding dozer blade is ideal for operations in confined spaces.
  • Stabilizers fitted to the telescopic trolley ensure a stable standing position with maximum trolley width. The wider chassis makes the machine more stable and safe.
  • With the narrowest chassis width, the ET20 fits easily through narrow passages, such as doors and easily reaches places of operation that are difficult to access.

Maintenance made easy

  • Tiltable seat console
  • Wide opening engine hood
  • Detachable side covers
  • Optimally positioned grease nipples
  • Significant time and cost savings

A plus in safety and service life

  • The standard load-holding valve prevents damage caused by the lifting arm lowering itself.
  • The raised and specially shaped bumper without corners protects the machine in case of collisions.
  • Overload valves with hose rupture protection offer more safety when lifting loads.
  • High thermal resistance for full-load work at temperatures of up to 45 degrees, for more independence from the weather.

Please note that product availability can vary from country to country. It is possible that information / products may not be available in your country.

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