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NE50 - Hydraulic hammers with state-of-the art technologies

Ideal for demolition and renovation work. The hydraulic hammer provides a high productivity due to an energy recovery system. The accumulator reduces pressure variations in order to be able to constantly provide high energy. A constant performance is independent of oil flow due to an automatic pressure regulator. The ‚Heavy-duty’ casing reduces the noise level and protects the hammer from dust and foreign objects. The massive absorption increases the life expectancy of the hammer and the carrier vehicle.
  • Optimum function in the presence of large oil quantity, and with high dynamic pressure tolerance.
  • Maximum protection of the arms on the carrier devices thanks to a very low vibration level.
  • Easy installation on Wacker Neuson compact excavators.
  • Easy and fast maintenance

State-of-the-art technology

  1. Upper damping reduces vibrations.
  2. Energy chamber with membrane - constant supply; no maintenance required.
  3. Compact soundproofing casing - practical and robust.
  4. Automatic power - guaranteed constant supply..
  5. Clip - easy and speedy disassembly of the tools and chisel socket; easy lubrication.
  6. Only one holding pin - reduced maintenance.
  7. A single, swimming chisel socket - easy maintenance.
  8. Lower damping - limited vibrations.

Please note that product availability can vary from country to country. It is possible that information / products may not be available in your country.