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FUE models with 42 V - Safety and performance for continuous operation

FUE models with 42 V
FUE 10 with transport rollers
FUE models with 42 V-thumb
FUE 10 with transport rollers
When it comes to safety and high performance during continuous operation there is no compromise with these electronic frequency converters. Besides, the FUE10 devices are very robust and maintenance-free. Their high-quality components and the all-round protection of the casing against shocks, blows and water make sure of that. Thanks to their low weight they are also easy to handle.
  • Intelligent output current monitoring ensures reliable operation – even at the current limit
  • Maximum protection against shorting and shorts-to-ground as well as over-current and overloading
  • Easy to operate: Cable connection for the connection of external switch boxes on the output side
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