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Specialty: multitool!

Our wheel loaders are real multitools!

The powerful working hydraulics, a quick-change system and over 50 different attachment tools ex-factory make it all possible. Compatibility guaranteed. With us you not only get everything under one roof, but in the end it also gets cheaper.

Just buy one of our combined offerings of wheel loaders and attached tools and make a real bargain!

For every industry sector and application, we have the right solution of wheel loaders and attachment tools: from the classic material handling, the movement of pallets or bulk material, winter service with snow blower and snow blade or municipal use in gardens and green areas. The combination of attachment tool and wheel loader is unbeatable when it comes to versatility and variable application possibilities.

Just a real multitool!

Choose from more than 50 different attachment tools ex-factory! Here are just some examples:

The right solution for every challenge!

WL70 Schneefräse, WL38 Schneeschild
  • Winter Service

    Even in winter, always prepared: equip your wheel loader with snow plow and salt spreader and be ready for winter service. When winter gets tough, we also have the right snow blower for your Wacker Neuson wheel loader.

WL28 Mulcher
  • Maintenance of green spaces

    In order to maintain green areas, a lot of different devices are required. To equip a wheel loader with the various attachment tools is much easier than transporting all the different machines to your work site. So the wheel loader becomes the mower, mulcher, branch saw, hedge trimmer and many more.

WL28 FSD Reichertshofen
  • Material Handling

    The primary discipline of each wheel loader: material handling. But the transportation of material is not always the same. We have the right bucket for any cargo, whether light material, earth or stones and much more.

WL25 Planer
  • Road Construction

    Also in road construction, the wheel loader with attachment tool proves to be a real multitool. Grading, milling and repairing asphalt or mixing concrete - all with just one machine and the right attachment.

  • Special-purpose

    Not every transport item can be handled with a bucket or a pallet fork - we also have the right attachment for special requirements: fork & grab, grap bucket, stone bucket, screening bucket, high tip bucket and many more.

WL28 Besen
  • Cleaning

    Large surfaces can be cleaned with a wheel loader and the suitable attachment tool much faster than "by hand". Sweeping brooms in various designs and widths, brushes and high pressure cleaners are available ex-factory. Guaranteed to fit your Wacker Neuson wheel loader.

Find out more about the numerous possibilities of applications in our videos!

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Wheel Loader - the multi purpose tool by Wacker Neuson

Anyone who decides for Wacker Neuson wheel loaders chooses a rugged, durable and extremely versatile tool, which is also extremely agile, thanks to the articulated joint. At the same time, these construction machines are truly real multitools. The about 12 different wheel loader models allow you to connect over 50 different attachment tools thanks to a powerful and well thought-out hydraulic system. The classic wheel loader with bucket turns quickly and easily into a mower, an excavator, a milling machine or a sweeper perfectly equipped for your requirements. You can also rely on maximum performance and flexibility on the construction site or in horticulture with wheel loaders from Wacker Neuson! Optionally your device works without emissions thanks to electric drive.

Versatile and ready for action all year round.

Versatility and flexibility are the mostly requested characteristics of construction machines today. The factors of time and costs play an important role here. With a wheel loader from Wacker Neuson you can react flexibly to your needs. If you have moved soil with the bucket on the construction site in the morning, you can later transport building material with a pallet fork. This is possible by the many practical attachments, which you can easily change from the driver's seat using the hydraulic quick-change mechanism. Thanks to the wide selection of various attachments, you are not only restricted to construction sites, you can also use the loaders with the appropriate accessories for snow clearing or for road repairs. An all-yearlong operation is easily possible. For this reason, our wheel loaders with attachment system are also attractive for construction machinery rentals. About 50 different attachments are available from Wacker Neuson. The classic wheeled loader turns into a versatile multifunctional machine, which provides perfect performance on the construction site, in landscaping, in forestry, or even in road cleaning.

Numerous configuration options.

Wheel loaders from Wacker Neuson are not only multifunctional, but you can also adapt the configuration of your devices to your requirements. For example, a loader arm damping system is recommended if you want to carry heavy loads on uneven terrain or at higher speeds with your wheel loader. If a higher hydraulic capacity is required, for example, for mounting burrs, the function "Highflow" should be installed. The option "3. Control circuit electrically proportional serial". This means you have the possibility to use working hydraulics in addition to the hydraulics for the attachment unit. Especially in the hydraulic sector, there are other options available. A wide range of tires rounds off your configuration possibilities.

Efficient and economical, and even free of emissions if desired.

The Wacker Neuson range includes twelve wheel loader models. All these units have different engines, which are characterized by the perfect combination of performance and economy. If you also opt for wheel loaders with an electric motor, you can count on an emission-free construction machine that is in no way inferior to conventional machines with regard to performance and flexibility. Rather, you increase the radius of action of the machines, since the emission-free electric motors can also be used inside of buidlings. Extend your workspace in an efficient way with a wheel loader from Wacker Neuson!